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We are so excited to introduce you to this month's influencer, Nathalie! We asked her to test out our yoga gloves to see if they enhanced her yoga practice. Read on for her full Q&A and use discount code 'NAMASTE20' for 20% off a pair of yoga gloves now through May 31, 2020!

1. Name:
Nathalie Oberthaler (known as Nathalie Shanti)

2. Where do you live?
In Telfs, Tyrol, Austria.

3. What type of yogi are you (recreational/instructor/leisure)?
I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India in 2018 (200 hours) and have been teaching a few classes ever since, so I am a certified yoga teacher. Will start on teaching online classes this week as well and I am really looking forward to it!

4. How long have you been participating in yoga?
Around 4 years

5. What is your practice regimen? How often are you on your yoga mat?
I try to practice every single day. Sometimes it’s just 10 minutes, on other days I practice for 1-2 hours, depending on how I feel that day. I am a much more balanced person when I keep a regular yoga (and work out) practice. However, I also try to not be too hard on myself when I skip a day, because I’ve been there in the past and it just doesn’t help me at all 😊 Nowadays I practice a lot more self-acceptance and self-love, which has changed my life for the better!

6. What challenges did you face as a yogi before using our product (unable to hold pose without hands slipping, etc.?)?
I use a yoga mat from Bodhi, which is great, because I don’t have any troubles with slipping around. However, I sometimes like to practice without a mat and socks on to slide around (mostly when I practice hip opening poses and I think it’s really fun!) and this is when I had problems with my hands slipping away.

7. What is your impression of the Silipos product we sent you? How did it add value to you? What did you like about it? How has using this product make your life easier/better? Did it help with the challenges you were experiencing?
At the beginning I was quite skeptical to be honest whether I would really use yoga gloves for my asana practice. But as already mentioned, I do like to practice without a yoga mat every now and then and this is when the gloves come in quite handy. I like the material and extra support. They help me a lot in arm balancing poses and I don’t slip around very easy. However, I do have to admit, that the rubber studs, especially at the lower part of the palm, could tolerate even more grip. Although the gel pad on the inside feels really nice and gives extra support, it somehow flattens the rubber studs and reduces some of the grip. But if use the gloves on the yoga mat, they do a great job!

8. Would you recommend this Silipos product to other yogis? Why?
If there is somebody out there, who struggles with a slippery yoga mat, I would definitely recommend these gloves! As mentioned, I was skeptical at first, but I really do like to wear them every now and then, especially when I do a lot of forearm balances. This is when they help me a lot! They also look kind of cool btw 😊

9. What is something that your followers do not know about you, that you find to be very important to your personal lifestyle?
I do have a master’s degree in molecular biology, but my true passions are yoga and holistic health, which is why I really want to pursue my dream and next to being a yoga teacher I would love to work as a Holistic Health Coach one day and help other people live a happy and healthy life. I was struggling a lot with hormonal imbalances in the past and have figured out a way to heal myself holistically and if I could help others as well, it would make me really happy.

10. What keeps you motivated when you are faced with challenges?
Just knowing that there is a solution for every problem. It might not be visible at first, but if I face some sort of challenge, I try to look at it from different perspectives and also think about what it is here to teach me. Challenges are always a great way to grow and evolve as a person.

11. How do you structure your days?
I don’t follow a specific routine, because my days look different every single week. This is what I love about my life! I love adventures, travelling and knowing that I can create my own life. I would consider myself a free spirit 😊 However, I do keep a regular yoga and work-out routine, because it really keeps me grounded and a much happier person.

12. Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?
I just recently started following @jessicaolie’s Instagram account and I just love her yoga and workout tips a lot!

13. How do you care for your body and health aside from your sport?
I follow a 70-30 eating regime, which means that I try to eat 70% healthy and 30% not so healthy (this usually includes chocolate, sweets and maybe some wine as well) and I found that this works best for me. I love healthy food and the Indian cuisine is my absolute favorite. At home I cook a lot of healthy curries with cumin rice 😊

14. What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring athlete?
Don’t look at the whole picture! It’s great and motivating to set goals, but I think it’s even more important to take it all step by step and day by day and acknowledge the little things! And never hesitate to be proud of yourself no matter what!

15. Anything else you’d like to add….?
Never compare yourself. We are all special and unique and are made to love ourselves for who we are! 

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