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We are so excited to introduce this month's influencer, Rebecca! We asked her to test out our distal end pad to see if it could keep up with her fast-paced, and adventurous life! Read on for her inspiring story and use discount code 'DISTALENDPAD20' for 20% off a Distal End Pad now through July 22, 2020!


Hello, I’m Rebecca Legon. Yes, it’s my actual name! Pretty coincidental considering I only have one leg! I was born with PFFD (Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency). A rare birth defect where my left leg formed without a femur bone and my knee grew from my hip. My first prosthetic was a wooden type peg-leg. As I grew older, this became painful and complicated. So, at age eight, it was decided that I would have my foot amputated. This decision changed my life and enabled me to be fitted with a prosthetic leg with a knee joint improving the alignment and my mobility.


Growing up as a child with limb difference there was a huge lack of awareness for me around disability. I didn’t meet or know any other disabled people, making me feel isolated and ashamed of my body from a very early age. I would try to disguise my disability from others, often wearing baggy clothes and standing back in a crowd to avoid being seen.


Thankfully, growing inclusivity and acceptance of disability through platforms such as the Paralympics and Invictus Games, as well as many more disabled people on TV and of course Social Media has encouraged me to accept myself and my imperfections. I am now devoted to showing others who may be struggling to accept themselves that being different is okay and normal.


I am a mother of two amazing children, a dog owner and health and fitness fanatic. I love hiking, swimming, cycling, horse riding, skiing and walking, often with my dog. My newfound passion is challenge led activity and sport, especially mountain expeditions. Last year I climbed Mt Batur and the world’s largest freestanding mountain - Mt Kilimanjaro.


Silipos Review:

 I always keep a lookout for products that can assist me to be as physically active as possible and to strengthen any weakness. Being an amputee my entire life, I have developed a crazy ‘six-sense’ on what my body lacks and what I need to fix it. Luckily, I have always adapted quickly, and I have learnt over the years where my strengths and weaknesses lie and what I can do to adjust or fix the issues that I may be experiencing.


I was recently asked to try the Silipos, Distal End Pad and I jumped at this opportunity. As I am an experienced hiker and with walking on a prothesis for long periods at a time unfortunately, I struggle with blister sores. As we all know blister sores are an amputee’s worst nightmare! They cause all sorts of discomfort and can even deter us from achieving our goals. These gel pads were a game changer for me, I really benefited in using them on areas of my stump which are renowned to cause friction and repetitive blister sores.

The Distal end pads are extremely soft and comfortable and provided me with a protective layer above the skin. Recently on my latest 26 Km hike to raise money for LimbPower, these pads were amazing and using them it prevented my blister sores from developing. I definitely recommend using them.



My focus now is to give back to the amputee and limb different community by helping to raise money for the fantastic charity LimbPower, by challenging myself to the max, I also hope to motivate others to seek the things their inner voice deems impossible. I am also massively passionate about sustainable living, the environment, animals and the countryside. 


I feel thankful to have been involved in many shoots that showcase beauty in the face of adversity. I am honoured to be a part of a growing trend in brands challenging perceptions around disability and difference, including mental health issues associated with being, or feeling different. Companies are starting to realise that there is a huge gap in a market that many people relate to, and how vital it is to show inclusivity.


 “I have always had a burning desire to do something positive with my life and to help people in similar situations, but until recently my confidence has stopped me.”


Yet my first passion is to encourage others to accept themselves and live with happiness despite their disabilities or differences. I hope to lead a campaign around the importance of educating the world, especially young people, that everybody is unique and that this is okay.


I am determined that if children grow up better educated on disability and associate with people who are disabled or different. I believe this will help to make them become more worldly adults who can lead us into a vibrant, accepting society that embraces difference.

 Info & Achievements:

Featured on Britain's Missing Top Model:

One of the first disabled related reality TV shows challenging perceptions and lack of awareness of disabilities in the fashion industry.

Social DIsability Activist: Instagram @rebeccalegon
I'm extremely passionate about challenging misconceptions around disability and difference. Any difference. I want to help inspire people into a vibrant future that embraces a healthy mental attitude towards diversity. Together we can accept ourselves for who we are and encourage acceptance.

Extreme Challenge Led Sport:

I relish a challenge. I've always pushed myself beyond my limits mentally and physically. Having enjoyed the thrill of Kilimanjaro! I'm ready to take on the other six WORLD summits to inspire others that you do not have to be extreme athletes to achieve the impossible, and we shouldn't let our disabilities define us, or hold us back.

Summited 2019: Mt. Batur, Bali and Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa

On the radar- July 2020: Mt Elbrus, Russia and Hadrian's Wall, UK.

Co-founder of VIVA Magazine
I created the VIVA brand with my best friend Emma Wilkinson a decade ago. It remains one of Manchester's most renowned publications. VIVA covers all that cosmopolitan Manchester has to offer from celebrity gossip to trendy establishments, fashion, travel, cuisine and more.

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Kiera Roche
Kiera Roche

July 23, 2020

Hi Rebecca’s, you are incredible. I also use the silipos pads when I am hiking and doing sport. I use the gel squares where my socket runs. Great product.

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