MEET Amara!

Name: Amara Howe

What is your profession? Events assistant

What are you passionate about outside of work? Writing, I love to blog about eczema and its repercussions on mental health. I love networking and meeting new people – social media is great for this. I am an absolute shopaholic too

What gets you excited? Meeting new people – I love making contacts and new friends.

Describe your perfect day? What does it consist of? If I told you it wasn’t when my skin is good, I’d be lying. Eczema is a nuisance of a condition and it really does get in the way of perfect days. Having a constant itch on your mind isn’t nice when you’re trying to enjoy say a date with your boyfriend or a night at the cinema. Waking up when my eczema is better puts a huge smile on my face because I know my day will be that little bit easier. Eczema really makes you appreciate things and look at things in a different light.

How long have you been dealing with eczema? Since I was 18 – that’s almost 7 years 
 – What are your favorite remedies for dealing with eczema? There are so many different remedies for dealing with eczema. If my skin is red and flaring, an oatmeal bath is incredibly cooling on the skin. Just fill a sock with oats and let it run under the tap while you run a bath. If my skin is flaking then a body brush is really helpful in getting all the flakes off my body. The cycle of eczema is crazy and seems to be ongoing but in all honesty, time is definitely the best healer. I’ve been dealing with this condition for so long now but waiting it out and not letting the condition overwhelm me is so important.

What what your impression of the Silipos Eczema sleeve we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about it? At first I was a little nervous about trying something new – as a lot of eczema sufferers are. The bandage is extremely tight around the arm which really helps to refrain from itching, the pressure it puts on the arm doesn’t just help physically, but mentally. I can feel it at all times and it reminds me it is there for a reason – to stop scratching. The cooling gel underneath the bandage is really soothing too and when you take it off at the end of the day your arms feel a lot smoother too.

Would you recommend the Silipos Eczema sleeve to to others? If so, why?  Yes absolutely – it’s more that just a sleeve, its a well-made product meaning it’s  long lasting

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone with eczema? Your eczema is not you. And yes you may look a little red but that’s your skin and your skin isn’t you.

You can continue to follow Amara’s career and active journey through life by following her on her social channels! 

Instagram: AmaraHowe

Twitter: amarahowe

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