Meet Grace!

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Name: Grace Latter

Where do you live? Hastings, East Sussex.

What is your profession? I am a freelance social media manager, influencer, writer and blogger. I also model occasionally.

What are you passionate about outside of work? I love books, coffee, tattoos and cats. I love finding the perfect new products to add to my daily skin/haircare routine. I’m really determined to live a more eco-friendly life, by buying more sustainable items and eating purely plant-based. The body positivity movement is something I could talk about for hours!

What gets you excited? The idea of travelling somewhere new, or discovering new things in places I’ve been to before. Going on ‘catch up dates’ with friends, or taking myself to the cinema.

Describe your perfect day? What does it consist of? Simply being with the people I love most, wherever they are – or I’m equally happy spending a whole day by myself, wandering around the city or going down to the beach with plenty of coffee and a book.

Photo credited to: Erin Veness (

What what your impression of the Silipos product we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about it? As I said, I’m all about body positivity. I love the idea that this product could help others who, like me, have scars but are perhaps wanting to make them heal a bit better. The product was smaller than I’d originally thought it would be, and perfectly packaged. It fit nicely around my middle (over the large scar on my stomach), and felt perfectly comfortable, if a little strange at first!

Would you recommend the Silipos product to others? If so, why? I’d say if you’re someone living with scars or marks you’d rather make disappear, then something like this is what’s best for you.

What is it like living with scars? I was self-conscious at first, particularly about the one on my stomach (as the one on my head used to be concealed by hair; now I am living with a buzz cut, I quite like that the badass bald line is visible!), but very quickly I learned to not just live with it, but celebrate it. And as it’s healed physically, so have I, mentally.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone with scars? Don’t think of them as something that’s holding you back, or negatively affecting your appearance. See them for what they are; physical proof that you’ve experienced something big, your body got you through, and you’re growing from it.

Photo credited to: Erin Veness (

You can continue to follow Graces’s journey through life by following her on her social channels!




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