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Dive into Mel’s feature story to learn more about how this triathlete stays on track and makes sure she is taking all necessary precautions to stay active and healthy. Mel’s relatable and honest advice might just make you sign up for the next triathlon in your area! 

Name: Melissa

Where do you live? Pleasant Grove, UT

What type of athlete are you? Triathlete (Ironman) and runner

Do you have a day job or are you a professional athlete? I work in sales

How long have you been participating in this sport? I have been running marathons since 1996 and doing triathlons since 2007

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? My biggest influences are my family . I’ve been blessed with amazing parents who are so supportive of me and everything I have done as an athlete. They encourage and motivate me to follow my dreams and passions. I have a great admiration for all the moms out there who train for endurance races. I am amazed at what their able to do while still raising a family.

What is your training regimen? I swim three to four times per week, run three to five times per week and bike three to five times per week. I also strength train once or twice per week. I often do two workouts a day to get it all in.

How do you structure your days? I am usually up between 4 and 4:30 AM to get my workouts done by 7 AM. I work a standard nine to five job. After work, I often do recovery (foam rolling, compression boots, etc.) and spend time with my friends and family.

Do you find your diet to be a crucial part of your lifestyle? If so, what diet tips would you recommend to your followers? Diet is important when training at a high level. I am not concerned about what foods I eat (I eat everything!), but mostly getting in enough calories. I think many athletes are worried about weight gain and don’t consume enough food. I eat several times a day, not just during regular meal times. If I’m hungry, I’ll have a snack even if dinner is only an hour away.

How do you care for your body and health aside from your sport? I visit my chiropractor monthly for adjustments and acupuncture. This helps with previous injuries. I also get regular massages to keep my body in top shape. I use ice baths and Epsom salt baths as needed. I ask a lot of my body so I try to take care of it in the best way possible.

What is your impression of the Silipos products we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about them? I used Silipos products as part of my recovery. I’ve suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and severe Achilles Tendinopathy. I used both the Active Achilles Sleeve and the Active Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve to help with these issues. The added support certainly helped with the recovery.

Would you recommend Silipos products to other athletes? Silipos products are a great addition to other recovery methods — massage, stretching, foam rolling and supplements.

What is something that your followers do not know about you, that you find to be very important to your personal lifestyle? I am in bed early. Getting up early requires an early bedtime. Sleep is important! I didn’t realize just how important it was until I started getting older and my body needed the additional help with recovery.

What keeps you motivated when you are faced with challenges? We can’t be motivated everyday! I do things that I love and passion for the sport & BIG goals keep me going when I might not want to get out of bed and train. I often remind myself that these hard workouts will payoff on race day. When things get tough, I know I’m tougher!

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring athlete? Take that first step, no matter how small. If you want to do a triathlon, find a local sprint or mini-triathlon and sign up. Even if it seems scary, do it! You’ll regret not taking the chance. Find someone that’s doing what you want to do and ask them for advice. I love getting messages from beginning athletes. I want to help others find their love for the sport I love. I am always willing to talk and help aspiring athletes.

You can continue to follow Amy’s journey through her Instagram channel listed below!

Instagram: @ironmel140.6

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