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Silipos would like to introduce you to Sherry Traher; an athlete, mother and social media influencer. Learn more about this super mom and how she best maintains an active, healthy lifestyle and what keeps her motivated daily. Sherry also touches on whether or not Silipos products have benefited her everyday activities and if she would recommend them.

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Name: Sherry Traher

Where do you live? Ogden, Utah

What type of athlete are you? Endurance, Mountain Runner

Do you have a day job or are you a professional athlete? I work for an airline doing Social Media support. I also teach group fitness classes at my local gym. Everything from yoga to HIIT training.

How long have you been participating in this sport? I started mountain running about 6 years ago. Competed in my first trail marathon about a year later and took fourth place.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? I admire people that have busy lives and jobs or personal health struggles but still manage to put in the time to be healthy.

What is your training regimen? I run 35-40 miles a week and try to get about 10,000 feet of climbing in that weekly distance. I also incorporate strength, stretching exercises, and cross-training.

How do you structure your days? I get up early. I try to be up on the mountain by 5 AM. I have four kids and I like to be home before they need breakfast or rides to school. I usually teach a one-hour fitness class after that. Home chores and errands are next followed by a few hours of work. We try to eat together as a family each night. I also try to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Do you find your diet to be a crucial part of your lifestyle? If so, what diet tips would you recommend to your followers? Yes, diet is 80% of training. I stick to a Keto diet. My body and brain function better with a high fat, lower carb lifestyle. I eat very clean with lots of greens and non-processed food. My fuel is my energy. If I don’t eat enough, or the right kinds of food, I don’t train and perform well the next day. I’ve also noticed clean eating habits affect my sleeping. I don’t sleep well if I’ve consumed a lot of carbohydrates or eaten later in the day.

How do you care for your body and health aside from your sport? Sleep is crucial. Since I’m a busy mom, a good night sleep doesn’t always happen. I do my best to get good quality sleep. I also routinely get sports massages to maintain good muscle form.

What is your impression of the Silipos products we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about them? When I first got the Silipos products, I was impressed by the high quality. The packaging is clearly marked and great descriptions of the products intended purpose. I have suffered from plantar fasciitis on and off for years. I’ve tried many products and they dont seem to alleviate the problem. The Silipos Plantar Fasciitis Gel Arch Sleeves are very comfortable. The fabric is soft and the gel patch fits comfortably around my arch, is cool to the skin and adds gentle pressure. They’re not too tight that I cannot wear them all day or night. The instructors are clear and easy to understand. I’ve enjoyed wearing them barefoot as well as in my shoes to add support. They’ve helped with the pain and made me aware of my gait. My feet take on so much strain during the hot trail miles and the Arch Sleeve help helped my feet stay relaxed.

Would you recommend Silipos products to other athletes? Yes. All athletes know they can’t perform well if they don’t take care of their feet. Silipos are very well-made products that last and do what they say they will do.

What is something that your followers do not know about you, that you find to be very important to your personal lifestyle? I’m not a natural athlete. I struggle with weight and motivation. I find energy and motivation in others when I am lacking drive.

What keeps you motivated when you are faced with challenges? My family. I have two boys and two girls. They watch everything I do. I want to be the best example for them. I strive to live a life of value and goals for them.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring athlete? Don’t stop. There will always be as many bad days as good. The training doesn’t lie. Put in the training and the good days will be worth it.

You can continue to follow Sherry’s active journey through life by finding her on her social media channels listed below!

Instagram: @crazy_mother_runners

Facebook: CrazyMotherRunners

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