GeLuscious® In-2-Sole

Item #295

GeLuscious® In-2-Sole

Item #295


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Gel cushions that absorb shock and pressure while you’re wearing high heels. Cushion, comfort, and protect your feet without sacrificing on style!


  • Item# – 295 – One-Size – 1 pair package – $12.99

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GeLuscious® In-2-Sole, let you wear your favorite shoes while also protecting and cushioning your feet. The ergonomic arch design of the In-2-Sole helps you maintain ideal posture for an effortless gait in any high heel shoe. Triple layered construction focuses on pressure points from the base of the heel to the ball of your foot, providing maximum cushioning with every step. With our unique combination of medical grade materials, these cushions are lightweight yet incredibly durable for long lasting use. Say goodbye to achy feet and sore arches!

  • Contains the antibacterial Biofoam which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus
  • Absorbs shock and pressure from the base of the heel to the ball of the foot
  • Cushions, comforts, and protects your feet
  • Slim-fitting, full length design is ideal for any high heel shoe
  • Made in China

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