Top 5 Products That Help Prevent Injuries During Sports 

Sports injury prevention should be a top priority for any athlete. Not only can sports-related injuries keep you off the field, court, or ice, but they can also affect the social and professional aspects of your life. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that can help you exercise safely.

Sports Injury Prevention - Silipos

Five Great Products For Sports Injury Prevention

Injuries from sports vary as to how long they take to heal. Some will heal after a week or so, but many will take months to heal. Your best bet is to avoid them altogether. At Silipos, we’ve developed a variety of products that effectively protect and support the foot and ankle. By using these products consistently, you can prevent the painful sports injuries that would keep you on the sidelines.

Lace-Up Gel MetGuard

1. Lace-Up Gel MetGuard

This protector can slip easily into the laces of your shoes, protecting you from the bruises and sprains common in many contact sports. The material is thick enough to provide safety but thin

enough to avoid becoming a hassle. With this protector in your shoes, you’ll avoid the constant battering that leaves your ankles feeling sore after every game. 

2. Active Boot Bumper

Meant to be worn under your socks, this padded sleeve slips snugly over your upper foot and ankle. It’s perfect for wearing under ski boots, cleats, and other types of athletic shoes. The padding protects the ankle from the shocks of sudden impacts, yet the sleeves aren’t bulky enough to get in the way.

3. Boot Bumper

These foot-and-ankle sleeves include two separate gel pads for added protection. One pad covers the ankle, while the other protects the upper portion of the foot. The product also releases a soothing medical oil that softens the skin. Worn comfortably beneath cleats, skates, or boots, these padded sleeves can keep your ankles from suffering those little knocks associated with many athletic activities. 

Skate Bite Protector

4. Skate Bite Protector

This padded sleeve includes a rectangular gel pad that covers the upper foot and lower ankle. It also releases a medical ointment that has a moisturizing effect on the skin. This combination of protection and hydration will help you feel your best after the big game. 

Oval Lace Bite Protector

5. Oval Lace Bite Protector

Many types of sporting footwear cause considerable discomfort, but these padded sleeves can help avoid much of that pinching and rubbing. They’re slim enough to fit beneath your socks but sturdy enough to offer genuine protection.

From hikers to hockey players, skateboarders to skiers, athletes across the globe can attest to the comfort, stability and injury prevention that can be achieved using Silipos products. You can read their stories right here on our blog. Take a look at the wide variety of sports injury prevention products we have to offer in our online store and…don’t give up on your dream!

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