What Are Gel Diabetic Socks & What Do They Do?

Silipos Diabetic Crew Sock

What Are Diabetic Socks? 

Diabetes is a serious disease that affects millions of people across the globe. While most people with diabetes know that they should manage their diet and blood sugar for the best health outcomes, not enough people are aware of the many benefits of diabetic socks. So, what are diabetic socks? What do diabetic socks do? If you value comfort and want to manage your condition more effectively, then you should check out this comprehensive guide on diabetic socks. 

What Do Gel Diabetic Socks Do? 

Gel diabetic socks are special socks that increase circulation to the feet and diminish symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. To achieve this, they feature gel cushioning, no seams, and non-restrictive cuffs. High-quality gel cushioning allows the wearer to move comfortably while minimizing the impact of each step. The seamless toe design makes the socks more comfortable and allows blood to flow more freely to the wearer’s toes. With the help of non-restrictive cuffs, the wearer can enjoy better circulation around the lower calf and foot, resulting in less swelling, greater sensation, and optimal comfort. 

Why Is Circulation So Important? 

People with diabetes often experience some degree of diabetic neuropathy. Excess triglycerides and high blood sugar can damage a person’s nerves over time, and their feet often lose sensation as nerves continue to die. Because many shoes and socks fit firmly around a person’s feet, they may decrease sensation even further and restrict the flow of blood to the feet and toes.

Like any of the body’s tissues, a person’s feet need a consistent supply of fresh blood to remain healthy. Otherwise, the skin, muscles, nerves, and other tissues in the feet may succumb to damage and eventually die. If too much tissue dies, then a person may even develop life-threatening gangrene, which may require immediate amputation so that the individual does not die of sepsis. 

Even in the early stages of neuropathy, diabetics may not notice lacerations, ulcers, blisters, and other injuries in their feet. This is because the feet become numb as the condition progresses. Thus, by improving circulation to the feet, individuals with diabetes are less likely to suffer from the worst effects of neuropathy. 

What Makes Silipos Gel Diabetic Socks Different?

For the optimal amount of comfort and circulation, finding socks that have soothing gel throughout the entire sole of the sock is a must. Silipos Diabetic Gel Crew Socks are a great option for that, as 1/16″  of our Free Flow Gel is distributed throughout the sole. What is Free Flow Gel? It’s an unscented, soft to medium textured gel which provides moisture, cushion, and comfort to the skin. It contains aloe vera oil which helps to treat irritation and swelling. The gel insole provides added support, cushioning, protection and comfort while reducing friction, shear forces, and callus formation. 

Many gel socks on the market have some kind of gel, but we’ve seen that most don’t have gel throughout the sole. So, you may get a lower price, but you may not achieve the results that you were hoping for.

Additionally, the seamless toe design of Silipos Diabetic Gel Crew Socks ensures maximum comfort and minimum abrasion and pressure on the toes, while the non-restrictive cuff allows for optimum circulation. Our socks are washable and reusable and can be worn with or without diabetic shoes. To top it all off, they’re not made with latex or BPA, making them more comfortable, durable, and hygienic.

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