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We are so excited to announce another one of our Silipos Influencer’s, Amy Jay! This runner, mother of two and an online business owner, not only discusses her everyday routines, but also opens up about her past struggles and how she was able to push herself to get to where she is today. She also splurges on why she thinks athletes of all sports and levels should keep Silipos products in their toolbox! 

Name: Amy Jay

Where do you live? Sunny Phoenix, Arizona

What type of athlete are you? I am a runner and I also cross train by lifting weights

Do you have a day job or are you a professional athlete?  I am a part-time social media content creator and also have a small online boutique; both of which I feel so lucky for because they allow me to stay at home with my kids.

How long have you been participating in this sport? I have been a runner for almost six years now

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? My biggest influences are for sure my kids. I would never have become a runner if it wasn’t for my little boy, who was three at the time, encouraging me to “go fast mommy” while I was pushing him in the stroller. He is almost nine now and runs 5Ks alongside me and I push his little sister in the stroller as often as I can.

My favorite professional runner is Kara Goucher. I just love that she is a mom and I really admire her running career.

What is your training regimen? I usually run and cross train five to six days a week. Each week, depending on the race I am training for, I try to have a variety of running workouts, such as a track session for speed, a one-to-two hill workout, a long run and then keep the remainder of my runs easy-paced.

I always tailor my runs to the race that I am participating in next. For example, if the race will have a lot of hills, I try to design my running routes with elevation gain in mind. If my race will be running with the jogging stroller, then I will try to take the stroller on the majority of my training runs, as well as all of my long runs.

For cross training, I love the Tone it Up Fitness App. I will usually take one of their online classes every morning before I run. It helps me warm up and condition my muscles for more work. I have noticed that when I consistently strength train, I feel better, get injured less and my pace ultimately becomes quicker on my runs.

How do you structure your days? I wake up every morning at 4:45 to beat the heat and start training while my kids are still asleep. After a very light breakfast and a cup of coffee, I do my strength and conditioning training and then head out for my run. While I am gone, my husband wakes up our kids and starts breakfast.

When I return, I take over breakfast and kid duties while he either works out himself or heads upstairs to start work. He is also fortunate enough to work from home. After breakfast we take our oldest to school and then I will take my toddler for a fun activity. We love going to the park, swimming, story time at the library, the zoo and the children’s museum.

Following our afternoon activity and lunch, I will put her down for a nap. My work time is her nap time, so I try to hustle. I return emails, create content, schedule social postings, as well as creating and filling orders. I will wake her up mid-afternoon when it is time to pick up her brother from school.

After homework, play time outside, dinner and putting the kids to sleep, my husband and I usually play catch up and watch one of our favorite shows together. I always try to be in bed by 9.

Do you find your diet to be a crucial part of your lifestyle? If so, what diet tips would you recommend to your followers? I would not say that diet is crucial. I try to be very balanced about my eating, adopting an 80/20 strategy. No food or food groups are “bad” or “cheat” foods for me. I naturally gravitate towards healthy food and I absolutely love fresh fruits and veggies! I try to have protein and veggies at every meal to fill me up and fuel me with healthy nutrients. I like to meal prep healthy snacks so that I won’t reach for junk food. I love snacking on protein balls, turkey sticks and hard boiled eggs. I also make sure that I drink enough water by always having a reusable water bottle by my side throughout the day.

How do you care for your body and health aside from your sport? I try to get enough sleep (at least seven hours a night) and take short naps when I can squeeze them in. I take a multi-vitamin and Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen every morning too. I also try to stretch and foam roam several times a week and love indulging in an Epsom salt bath to soothe my muscles and relax.

What is your impression of the Silipos products we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about them? I was so excited to receive my box of Silipos goodies! As a runner, foot care is a primary concern. I have large bunions on both of my feet that I have to take extra precautions for from time to time, so I was very excited to try the Silipos Active Gel Bunion Sleeve. This is designed to take some of the pressure off my bunion and reduce friction to the general area – and it works amazingly well! The foot sleeve design fits really well and is extremely lightweight. The double layered gel pad design really cushions and protects my bunions when they are giving me trouble. I am so glad I have this in my athlete’s toolkit for sure!

I was equally excited to try out the Silipos Active Gel Toe Protector, as I suffer from ingrown toenails occasionally, which can be extremely painful. The sleeve is made of a soft, stretchy, cotton-like outside, while the inside is lined with medical grade mineral oil gel to cushion and protect my toe. It seems really useful for a variety of toe issues, including blisters and jammed or sprained toes. This stretchy toe protection sleeve will allow me to continue my training while protecting my toes from further injuries. Again, it is something that I am so glad I have for when I need it!

Occasionally, I will have a heel spur flare up and that is why I chose the Silipos Active Heel Spur Cushions to try out as well. These low profile gel inserts help guard against general sock absorption, while also providing maximum support and massaging comfort to the entire heel area. They fit great into my favorite running shoes, feel amazing and do not slip around at all. I am really so pleased with all of the foot care products that Silipos makes and they will for sure be the company that I turn to and trust with any foot issues I encounter during my training cycles.

Would you recommend Silipos products to other athletes? Absolutely! While you should never train through a major injury, Silipos products are super important for athletes of all sports and levels to have in their “toolbox,” so that a minor pain wont sideline you. They are super effective, truly valuable and absolutely affordable.

What is something that your followers do not know about you, that you find to be very important to your personal lifestyle? I was bullied, badly, in elementary school and junior high and it shattered my already fragile self-esteem. It lead me to an eating disorder, which I eventually overcame with the help of finding sports. I tried out and made the very first girls soccer team at my high school. I knew I had to eat to endure the rigorous practices and to perform the best on the field, so I was able to slowly change the way I viewed food. That is why having a healthy and balanced relationship with food and my training is very important to me and why I am so passionate about kids playing in sports. I think they learn so much more than skills and how to lead a healthy, active lifestyle through sports. Their confidence soars, they feel empowered, they learn teamwork and develop healthy relationships with their bodies and with others.

What keeps you motivated when you are faced with challenges? I think back through my life and look at everything I have previously overcome to get to where I am now. How I survived some pretty tough things and then remind myself that I am strong, capable and I can handle absolutely anything that comes my way.

What is one piece of advice you would give to an aspiring athlete? If you work hard and believe in yourself, you can accomplish things that you never would have thought are possible. Don’t shy away from the tough course, the long distance or seemingly too fast finish times. It can all be within your reach if you are willing to work hard for it and never give up. That feeling of accomplishment is always worth the grit that it takes to get there.

You can continue to follow Amy’s journey through her social media channels listed below!

Instagram: @gofastmommy

Facebook: Go Fast Mommy 

Twitter: @GoFastMommyAmy

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