At Silipos, we believe in redefining possibility through offering you stronger, dynamic, more supportive options. Built to last, our cutting edge technology helps to improve your mobility with unmatched conditioning and support. Customized to your need, we offer a wide range of sizing and the confidence in living your best life in Silipos. Browse our wide range of prosthetic liners, sheaths, sleeves, and more!

Silipos sheaths are designed to provide a comfortable easy fit for optimal range of motion and maximum strength. Controlling friction at every turn, our sheaths provide protective cushioning to help absorb shock and movement while maintaining stretch and flexibility.

Prosthetic Sheaths - Silipos
Prosthetic Pin Liners - Silipos

Silipos Pin Liners are built for stability and strength, using a superior gel bond to provide resistance to even the most extreme abrasion. Proven to last, Silipos gel is built with unparalleled durability and protection for your skin, empowering you to live your best life in Silipos.

Silipos Prosthetic Liners are built for maximum comfort, protection and strength. Our superior design, pillows the bone while supporting the limb to provide maximum cushioning for even the most active of lifestyles. Proven to last, our cutting edge gel technology is designed to condition your skin, empowering you to live your best life in Silipos.

Prosthetic Cushion Liners - Silipos
Upper Body Prosthetic Liners - Silipos

Silipos Upper Body prosthetic products are designed to empower you with dynamic movement and support. Our durable fabric and unmatched gel formulations moisturize and protect the skin, while accommodating a range of sizing. 

No matter your lifestyle, Silipos offers padding & protection for your every need. Our pressure offloading gel is engineered to take the worry out of your day through enhanced reduction in friction, shock and impact. Our Silipos gel formulation adapts to the size and need of your residual limb, enhancing fit and comfort better than ever before, while protecting against skin breakdown and abrasion.

Prosthetic Sheets & Padding - Silipos
Prosthetic Suspension Sleeve - Silipos

Silipos suspension sleeves give you confidence with every step, adding maximum stability and a reliable seal in to every design. Supple to the skin, Silipos gel technology is engineered to nourish and condition, with flexible, easy to roll-on fabric. Offering a wide variety of designs catered to your lifestyle, empowering you to represent who are you as you live in Silipos.