Meet Isabella!

Name: Isabella Fernandes

Place you live? London, England

What is your profession? Student, model and gallery assistant

What are you passionate about outside of work? I am passionate about art, and alongside my university studies in History of Art, I like to immerse myself in visiting new art, theatre and performance. I have recently started attending a new drawing group once a week allowing myself to have the opportunity to have the time to be creative.

What gets you excited? Being surrounded by friends and family and travelling.

Describe your perfect day? What does it consist of? My perfect day would always begin with a morning swim. A day filled with the chance to relax around good food and good friends would be lovely. My perfect day would also preferably be somewhere hot and on holiday!

What was your impression of the Silipos® Gel-Care® Advanced Body Wraps we sent you? How did they add value to you? What did you like about it? The product was much easier to use in terms of storage, removing and reapplying then other gel based products I have used for my scars. It saved me a lot of time in terms of how long it took for me to take on and off the product which was helpful to my day. On sections of my scarred skin that can be wrapped all the way around such as my arm, it was easy to place on and keep on without readjustment throughout the day. It kept my skin moisturized which was helpful when doing my scar massages and stretching throughout the day.

Would you recommend the Silipos® Gel-Care® Advanced Body Wraps to others? If so, why? I would recommend trying the product to others due to how soft and supple it kept my scarred skin making it more pliable for the rest of my scar treatment. I think it is quite different from other products on the market especially as it does not have silicone in it and I think the use of natural components is great.

What is it like living with scars? Overtime my scar treatment has simply become part of my daily routine and is manageable. I am increasingly comfortable with my changed body and how different it looks. I do need to ensure I take care of the affected areas properly and use the correct products at the right time for instance with appropriate sun cream and my clinician advised not to use the Silipos gel therapy post laser treatment until it had fully healed.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone with scars? That it is completely your choice to have your scars on show or not. You have body autonomy in that and there is a sense of inner confidence as to your choice in how to present and be in your body.

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