Skin Related Conditions

Both the largest and most regenerative organ in the body, our skin is the primary defense against harmful external elements. At Silipos, we help rebuild this essential organ by infusing it with vital minerals, protein building peptides, and nourishing vitamin-rich hydration. Browse our products for stretch marks, scars, and burns.

Thick and fibrous, scar tissue takes the place of healthy tissue after significant injury or surgery. The condition can become painful when nerve endings regenerate and can contribute to pain within healthy bones and joints. Symptoms such as inflammation, itchiness, redness, reduced range of motion, sensitivity to touch and acute pain can all occur years after an injury has healed.

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Burns create damage to the skin caused by extreme heat, fire or chemical interaction. Symptoms include painful blisters, peeling and redness, swelling and pain.

Stretch marks are formed when the skin is stretched as the result of sudden weight gain or weight loss. This type of scarring will appear streaky and may also develop color initially before fading. Browse our products for stretch marks.

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While often temporary, dry skin can create discomfort and worsen in certain situations. Dry skin typically makes the skin appear rough, tight, scaly or peeling and frequently accompanies redness and itching. If left unattended, the skin can crack leading to risk of infection and bleeding.

Cracked heels typically begin to form around the rim of the heel. The skin becomes hardened and slight discoloration may appear. Small cracks begin to form and continue to worsen when weight is placed on the fat pad. If left untreated, this may eventually may cause bleeding.

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Eczema appears on the skin as dry red patches that frequently become itchy and iritated over time. Commonly seen over the neck and joints, sufferers can encounter dark, rough and leathery patches of skin that can lead to oozing, crusting, swelling, pain and infection if not treated.