What Are Common Foot Problems In Older Adults?

As people age, foot problems such as bunions can arise and cause pain and difficulty walking. If you’re feeling discomfort or pain as you walk, this blog post is for you. In it, we describe products that can help to decrease foot pain and aid in correcting bunions and corns. 

If you’re considering going to see a podiatrist, you may want to do some research on Silipos® products that might be suggested during your visit. Designed to provide protection, relief and cushioning for common foot problems, Silipos® products can be bought on our website with information to help you receive the right product for your needs.

Here are a few of our top-rated products for corns, bunions, and other common foot problems in older adults. 

Silipos® Bunion Sleeves can help relieve pain and pressure from bunions 

Silipos® Deluxe Gel Bunion Sleeves are ideal for gently reducing the pressure and pain caused by bunions. These sleeves help to redistribute weight away from the affected area, providing cushioning and protection while you’re walking or exercising. 

In addition, they provide compression to the bunion area helping aid in correcting the issue. Made with medical-grade mineral oil, these sleeves are soft, comfortable, and durable. The soft fabric goes over the toes and wrap around the forefoot with the gel being placed over the bunion area, making them easy to wear day after day without worry. 

Silipos® Corn Pads can help reduce friction and provide cushioning for corns 

Silipos® Corn Pads provide an optimal solution for those looking to reduce friction and cushion the corns. Constructed of durable, hand washable fabric and gel, these pads absorb shock and impact to help reduce pressure and inflammation from ill-fitting footwear. 

Silipos® corn pads are safe for all skin types, so you can enjoy instant relief without worrying about the product. Our corn pads are designed with comfort in mind to give your feet the protection they deserve.


Silipos® Gel Toe Separators can help improve alignment of the toes 

Silipos® Gel Toe Separators offer a comfortable and effective solution for improving the alignment of the toes. Their soft, flexible design is easy to insert between toes and contours snugly within shoes. Each separator provides superior cushioning to reduce pain caused by unwanted friction.  

Additionally, Silipos® gel has an antibacterial formula that contains silver ions that aid in fighting against the growth of bacteria. Toe separators can help provide relief from various medical conditions such as crooked toes, overlapping toes, and toe drift, and other misalignments. With their ease of use and comfortable shape, Silipos® gel toe separators are an excellent option for improving foot health. 

Silipos® Gel Bunion Guards can help cushion the sensitive bunion area

For those who suffer from a bunion, the constant rubbing of the skin can be quite painful. Silipos® Gel Bunion Guards are designed to cushion the sensitive bunion area and provide relief from discomfort. They feature a gel dot that is placed on a soft, flexible cup that offers instant relief by putting a soft cushioning between the bunion and the shoe.

Additionally, these guards also help reduce inflammation and pressure around the bunion, further helping to alleviate any pain associated with bunions. Silipos® gel bunion guards make an excellent choice for anyone looking for an effective way to ease their bunion pain. 

Silipos® Metatarsal Pads can help relieve pain in the ball of the foot 

Silipos® Metatarsal Pads are designed to relieve pressure and provide lasting support in the areas of the foot that experience the most discomfort. Due to its unique design, they can discreetly and comfortably be worn with any type of footwear while providing superior comfort and cushioning. 

The shape and density of the patented gel material responds to your body’s normal movements. This reduces pain in the ball of your foot caused by a variety of reasons such as flat feet, bunions, pinched nerves, or even tight shoes. By using Silipos® metatarsal pads, you can reduce stress on the affected area while providing important protection every day. 

Before booking a podiatry appointment, why not discover the power of Silipos® products? They’re specifically designed to restore comfort and cushioning for common foot issues. Silipos® Customer Service can answer any questions you may still have about our products. Reach out today!

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