Carpal Gel Sleeve

Carpal Gel Sleeve




  • Item# – 14115 – Small, Left – 1 per polybag – $37.99
  • Item# – 14125 – Small, Right – 1 per polybag – $37.99
  • Item# – 14135 – Large, Left – 1 per polybag – $39.99
  • Item# – 14145 – Large, Right – 1 per polybag – $39.99

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The Carpal Gel Sleeve is designed with a medical grade mineral oil gel pad that contours to the palm and wrist area. The Silipos gel helps to moisturize the skin and flatten the appearance of scars while protecting the sensitive scar tissue from friction, abrasion, and pressure. This product is washable and reusable.

  • Anatomically designed gel pad molded to elastic sleeve contours to the shape of the palm
  • Helps prevent and reduce shock, impact, and vibration
  • For placement directly over carpal tunnel post-operative scar area
  • Reduces discomfort caused by hypersensitivity
  • Medical grade mineral oil gel pad helps prevent and reduce scar tissue
  • Can be worn under gloves and/or splints
  • Made with Imported Material from China & Further Manufactured in the United States

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