Foam Toe Separators

Foam Toe Separators




  • Item#92895 – Small -12 per bag-$4.99
  • Item# 92896 – Medium-12 per bag – $6.99
  • Item# 92897 – Large-12 per bag – $7.99
  • Item# 92898 – X-Large-12 per bag – $8.99

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The SILIPOS FOAM TOE SEPARATORS help to prevent toes from rubbing together and are ideal for relief from crooked, overlapping toes and toe drift. The foam cushioning allows pressure to be absorbed and help prevent redness and irritation.

  • 3 layers of foam for extra cushion and comfort
  • Anatomically designed to fit comfortably between the toes
  • Suitable for most shoe types and sizes
  • Made in China, Assembled in the USA

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