GeLuscious® Heelmate™

Item #292

GeLuscious® Heelmate™

Item #292

A gel cushion for high heel shoes that provides comfort and relief to the heel area, keeps heel from slipping, and eliminates friction and rubbing.


  • Item# – 292 – One-Size – 2 per package – $2.10

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Keep your feet feeling great no matter what shoes you choose with GeLuscious® Heelmate™, designed to provide cushioned comfort and protection at the heel. The advanced gel technology is designed for comfort and lasting durability, allowing you to enjoy a full day of wear without sacrificing on style! Simply place the cushion inside your heels for improved shoe fit, with protection against blisters and irritation due to friction and rubbing. Say goodbye to slipping heels — your new Heelmate will keep you perfectly balanced all day long!

  • Provides comfort and relief to the heel area
  • Cushions heel from slipping and provides better shoe fit
  • Protects against blisters
  • Eliminates friction and rubbing that can cause irritation
  • Invisible gel cushioning
  • Made in China

Additional information

Weight 0.019 kg
Dimensions 5.4375 × 2.25 × 0.375 in


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