Lace-Up Gel MetGuard

Lace-Up Gel MetGuard


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The Silipos Lace-Up Gel Metguard protects the top of the foot from shock and abrasion during contact sports. The protector is flexible, slim fitting and comfortably laces into cleats.

  • Reduces kicking discomfort
  • Protects the top of foot from bruising
  • Made in China

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 4 × 0.1875 × 6.25 in

3 reviews for Lace-Up Gel MetGuard

  1. Bev

    I like that you can use Silipos on a running shoe or cleats. It formed easily to my foot and was comfortable. I used Silipos to train in and I couldn’t even feel that I was wearing them.

  2. Jane

    The Lace Up Gel Metguard product allowed for extra padding on the top of my boot, which took most of the force from striking the ball off of my foot and onto the pad itself. The pad really made it feel as if the top of my foot had a shin guard over it so I did not feel much pressure while striking a ball.

  3. Jordan

    I like the sleekness of the design. It fit in seamlessly behind the laces of my shoe. When I am looking at products that want to add a benefit I always make sure I am not having to adjust anything about my game when using a new product. With the Lace Up Gel Metguard it felt exactly as if I did not have anything in my shoe in regards to fit, which was a very pleasant surprise. As well as it absorbed so much shock, I felt that I was able to strike a ball far harder than ever before.

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