Skate Bite Protector

Skate Bite Protector




  • Item# – 92573 – One Size – 1 per polybag – $24.99
  • Item# – 92798 – Extra Thick- One Size – 1 per polybag – $31.99

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The Skate Bite Protector is designed with the gel pad on the dorsal part of the foot to protect from pressure, friction, and pinching, while releasing medical grade mineral oil to help soften and moisturize the skin. Can be worn with shoes, athletic footwear, ski boots, skates, and cleats. This product is washable and reusable.

  • Anatomically designed gel pad protects the dorsal aspect of the foot from pressure, friction, and pinching from shoelaces
  • Effective in protecting against discomfort caused by ski boots, skates, cleats, and other athletic footwear
  • Provides light compression to the foot and ankle
  • Made with Imported Material from China & Further Manufactured in the United States

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