Sports Injury Prevention

Preventing injury before it occurs requires precision, flexibility and support. Silipos sports injury prevention products help protect accident-prone areas of the body, while allowing for high impact activity levels at any age. Our engineered gel helps improve your performance, pushing you farther and faster towards your goal.

The top of foot is formed by a network of bones and tendons that connect up to the calf muscle and down to the toes. Located in the center of the foot, excessive tightness or injury either above or below this area can result in inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos
Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos

Excessive pressure and friction can create injury to the surface of the skin over long periods of time. This may affect bony areas more so than other areas on the body and can lead to further complications including pressure ulcers, painful swelling and bone and joint disformation.

Lace bite runs down the front of the lower leg, creating inflammation and sharp pain. Hockey players, figure skaters, soccer players and even boot lovers can all suffer from this condition.

Lace Bite - Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos
Pointe Toe Padding - Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos

Whether for performance or pleasure Silipos pointe toe padding products are designed to cushion & protect against stress and abrasion. Focused on the metatarsals & toes, this padding can slip into the tips of ballet slippers or shoes, helping to cushion and offload pressure in the places you need it most.

Bone pain is commonly resulting from an injury, while joint pain is related to inflammation in between the joints. Joint pain is directly related to what is commonly known as arthritis and may cause swelling. Other reasons for bone pain may include infections or hormone disorders.

Joint & Toe Pain - Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos
Sports Injury Prevention Products - Silipos

Wrist Support

Anatomically designed to adapt to the contour of your arm, Silipos arm and wrist products provide increased mobility and enhanced support. Reducing shock & impact to the joints, our specially formulated gel cushions bony and high impact parts of your joints to prevent injury and improve performance.