Silosheath Extra Life

Silosheath Extra Life


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  • Silosheath Extra Life – $73.99
  • Please contact us with any questions at 1-800-229-4404.


    Silosheath provides optimal range of motion and comfort, and can be used with other interfaces as necessary. Silosheath is made with Silipos medical grade mineral oil gel and nylon outer material. The Extra Life Silosheath is two nylon sheaths combined, with the mineral oil gel lining in-between the two layers of fabric. This style is recommended for individuals who prefer their skin to have no direct contact with the gel and for individuals who experience a higher degree of friction between their residual limbs and the prosthesis. Additionally, the extra layer of nylon helps to make the sheath more durable. This product is washable and reusable. Silosheath is also available in Original and Double Cushion.

    All Silosheath products offer the following benefits:

    • 3 ply, 2mm gel
    • Increased durability
    • Minimizes skin breakdown
    • Reduces friction, shearing, and abrasion on residual limb
    • Cushions and protects
    • Softens, soothes, and improves the appearance of skin
    • Not made with natural rubber latex and hypoallergenic
    • BPA & Phthalate Free
    • Made in USA
  • Sizing:
    • Item # -13815 – 1 (Child): Gel Length: 8″ (20cm) Gel Length: 10″-13″ (25cm-33cm) Distal Circumference: 6.5″-9″ (17cm-23cm) Proximal Circumference: 6.5″-10″ (17cm-25cm)
    • Item # – 13825 – 2 (Short/Narrow): Gel Length: 10″ (25cm)Length: 15″-17″(38cm-43cm) Distal Circumference: 7″-10.5″(18cm-27cm)Proximal Circumference: 7″-12″(18cm-30.5cm)
    • Item # -13835 – 3 (Short/Regular): Gel Length:10″ (25cm) Length:15″-17″ (38cm-43cm) Distal Circumference:8″-12.5″ (20cm-32cm) Proximal Circumference:8″-14″ (20cm-35.5cm)
    • Item # -13845 – 4 (Medium/Narrow): Gel Length:13″ (33cm) Length:17″-19″ (43cm-48cm) Distal Circumference 8″-12.5″ (20cm-32cm) Proximal Circumference:8″-14″ (20cm-35.5cm)
    • Item # -13855 – 5 (Medium/Regular): Gel Length:10″(25cm) Length:17″-19″ (43cm-48cm) Distal Circumference: 9″-14″ (23cm-35.5cm) Proximal Circumference:9″-16″ (23cm-40.5cm)
    • Item # – 13865 – 6 (Large/Narrow): Gel Length:13″ (33cm) Length:18″-21″ (46cm-53cm) Distal Circumference: 9″-14″ (23cm-35.5cm) Proximal Circumference: 9″-16″(23cm-40.5cm)
    • Item # -13875 – 7 (Large Regular): Gel Length: 13″ (33cm) Length:18″-21″ (46cm-53cm) Distal Circumference: 11″-16″ (28cm-41cm) Proximal Circumference:11″-18″ (28cm-46cm)
    • Item # -13885 – 8 (Large/Wide): Gel Length: 13″(33cm) Length: 18″-21″(46cm-53cm) Distal Circumference: 12″-19″ (30.5cm-48cm) Proximal Circumference:12″-21″(30.5cm-53cm)

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